Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You make me sick

You make me sick, originally uploaded by eouio.

Avyrlie decided that I was the person who got her sick. She came up to me very sweetly and said, "Dad, you make me sick". We'll work on past and present tense later ;)
Starting with Ayrlie, everyone has been sick at our house this past week with basically the same thing. High fever for several days followed by sore throat and coughing and congestion and nausea. Everyone has gone through the symptoms based on how many hours they sleep during a day. Avyrlie kicked it pretty quick, Ian still has a sore throat and nausea, Aimee is at the instacare as I type convincing them to medicate her with anything, and I'll be getting better just in time for the opening ceremonies in London.

As long as I'm upright and typing, I might as well fill in a bit on current events here at Smith House.

Ian missed one day of football practice with a 103 degree fever and was back at it the next day after his fever broke. We've been working on getting his medications adjusted and some testing done to see how we can help him with school coming up this year. He just needs to nail down some consistency and develop some good habits so we're trying to determine the best tools for that job. Occupational therapy evaluation, sleep clinics, psychology profile. and lots of doggy love ;) School starts on Monday and I haven't met his teacher yet, but I'm hoping for a bit more homework this year and a lot more communication. Not holding my breath though.

Yesterday I told Avyrlie that she is now potty trained and then moved her into a preschool class that requires it. No accidents yesterday or today, but she hasn't done any pooping. Anyone who remembers an 8 hour car ride with Ian screaming about his pooping pains will know how much I am dreading a possible stand-off with her.

Ian was stubborn, but had no agenda, plan, or goal. Just irrational stubbornness. Avyrlie, on the other hand has a well concealed, but detailed agenda that she uses in the formulation and execution of her daily plans for household domination. She is still struggling a bit on assimilating the randomness of Triela into her master plan, but each day she shows a bit more cunning in leveraging the idiocy of the dog to her advantage.

I've noticed a big difference just after one day of preschool in the number of songs she is singing. She has four new ones, but the only one I know or can make out is 'Do your ears hang low?'. Also she was very excited to be playing with Play-Do when I picked her up, and told me all about how she is big enough for the red slide now (preschool has their own playground) and gets to play on the 'puter. Hopefully all these perks will just outshine any issues she may want to have with potty pooping...

The dog is still alive. Barely. Were I able to catch her I may have killed her after she ate everything in my garden, chewed up most of the sprinklers and gnawed a hole in the propane line of the grill. Lucky for her, Avyrlie came to her rescue with her own set of puppy eyes begging for a stay of execution. Triela extended her life expectancy even further by actually choosing to go outside to potty yesterday. Normally she howls a couple time to get my attention and then squats as close to the carpet as she can get (I lock her in the kitchen) and give me her most triumphant look as she unleashes proof that she will never be housebroken. Yesterday she actually took off at top speed out the door, toppled down the stairs and did her business. Perhaps there is hope.


Chellor said...

Your description of Avyrlie's quest for household domination reminded me of Pinky and the Brain... hmmm... interesting.

Aaron Smith said...

Good comparison, but unlike the Brain, Avyrlie's plans seem to succeed most of the time!