Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sunset Storm

A rainbow started forming but then the storm moved on. The sunset clouds looked really cool though. Phone pic doesn't do it justice and it was gone by the time I got out with another camera.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Croc Check

Avyrlie and I took a quick trip to the zoo last Friday morning to make sure the crocodiles were still there. I'm pretty sure she gets worried that they might have escaped and be lurking around a corner waiting to snap her up for lunch. They're the only animal there that she us really afraid of.

They recently had babies so they are in a different habitat for some reason. When we went to see them, the hall they are in was completely deserted and dead quiet. Avyrlie crept up close enough to see that the crocs were in there, but wasn't coming any closer.
Outside Avyrlie had a ball playing Whack a Bug. Kleenex had a promotion for their anti-viral tissues with a couple games and a mascot. Avyrlie wasn't about to get close a life size germ ;)

Parade Season

For the last several years Ian and I have helped dad out at the Ranches Pony Express Days Parade. This year we talked Aimee and Avyrlie into coming with us and assured them it was just a short parade and went by quick. Well this year they decided to not only double the parade route, but they extended the staging area by about a half mile as well! We still got Aimee to go (riding in the truck ;) and Avyrlie was maybe too excited to be there, especially trying to contain her to the cab of a truck.

Ian complained a bit on the way, but had a great time. He enjoys helping out and passing out drinks and works pretty hard for his Mountain Dew reward. Probably didn't hurt that there were a couple girls riding the back of truck either ;)

Check out the after parade entertainment:

Help and Hinder

Avyrlie loves to help me in the kitchen. Her favorite thing to help with is anything involving chocolate ;)
The guy below does not help me much.

Unless you count helping me eat strawberries. As Avyrlie was decorating the peanut butter cookies with chocolate, Mr. Quail and I were having a stare-down.
He slowly worked up the courage to hop down to my potted strawberry plant that sits right below the herb box. I finally shooed him before me managed to make off with the good, but I'm certain that scratching sound last night was he and his buddies triumphant return.
Considering that his buddies are a flock of tiny baby quail, I can't bring myself to be too upset :)
I actually picked a spot and waited for about 20 minutes to snag a good pic of the babies. Only when they finally moved in position and I pressed the shutter to snap the long awaited perfect pic, did I realize I had forgot to put a memory card in :(

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Velocity; Speed and Agility

Ian was very excited on the way down here. I got a "pretty good" instead of his normal "good" response!

This is one of two camps he's doing this summer. It's each Wednesday four three weeks as an intensive spring speed and agility skills training. In July he has a week long camp focused on football but still and speed and agility rather than a padded camp. We haven't been too impressed with the camps at BYU and the U the past couple of years. Hopefully this will be more of a focus on the skills Ian needs. Next year we'll send him off to a padded camp during regular baseball season.

Friday, June 5, 2009