Friday, June 12, 2009

Help and Hinder

Avyrlie loves to help me in the kitchen. Her favorite thing to help with is anything involving chocolate ;)
The guy below does not help me much.

Unless you count helping me eat strawberries. As Avyrlie was decorating the peanut butter cookies with chocolate, Mr. Quail and I were having a stare-down.
He slowly worked up the courage to hop down to my potted strawberry plant that sits right below the herb box. I finally shooed him before me managed to make off with the good, but I'm certain that scratching sound last night was he and his buddies triumphant return.
Considering that his buddies are a flock of tiny baby quail, I can't bring myself to be too upset :)
I actually picked a spot and waited for about 20 minutes to snag a good pic of the babies. Only when they finally moved in position and I pressed the shutter to snap the long awaited perfect pic, did I realize I had forgot to put a memory card in :(

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