Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Scrimmage Clip

We scrimmaged a PeeWee team (a year younger than us) from Bingham who is freakishly large and pretty good. These were two of my favorite clips. Ian had a bunch of good hits but this was the only good one that videoed well. Also, it is not my voice you hear in the video.

Art of Argue

Avyrlie's arguments are getting better each day. You can tell she puts some thought into them and is methodical. If it doesn't work, she won't use it again, but if it does, she'll milk it for everything possible.
Today we ran into a neighbor and his boy at McDonalds. Avyrlie generally doesn't play much with boys (a trait I fully encourage) but she sees him at church and home so they stick together in the playplace. He had his shoes off and couldn't make it up the slide with socks so Avyrlie was pulling him up. I don't let Avyrlie take her shoes off because it disturbs me to think of the various fluids in there just waiting to be soaked up by unsuspecting socks.
When I told Avyrlie it was time to go home she pointed to her friend and said, "No, I can't go to home. My friend will be so sad because he can't go up the slide. He will never be able to go up the slide and he will cry forever." we stayed for another 10 minutes...

Later, while Ian was at his guitar lesson Avyrlie asked for a slushie. Of course we all know she is going to get one out of me, even I am aware of that but I still started with telling her that it isn't healthy. Her reply was a bit more logical than I had expected: "But you said yes to me to eat sugar. Slushies are all sugar and some ice so you can said yes so I can eat a slushie too!" Information turned against me. I'm pretty sure her mom is training her ;)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Theseus and the Minotaur

Small clip from Ian's school play.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Vacation With The Smiths So Far

by: Reecee Riecey Reesey Reesie Dog,

They took me to the park. I hate the park. There are dogs there.

They took me to the neighbor's. I hate the neighbor's. There are dogs there.

They took me around the block. I hate the block. There are dogs there.

They put me in the backyard. I hate the backyard. I can see dogs from there.

They only feed me one cup of food a day. I love food. I hate rations.

They lock me out of the bedroom. I love Aaron's pillow. I hate doors.

They leave me outside for 10 whole minutes. I love inside. I hate fresh air.

Monday, March 16, 2009

High Speed Stationary Chase

Avyrlie and her friend are chasing dinosaurs at the park while we wait for ian to get done with football practice.
Practice is pretty slow today. They are all feeling a little lazy after Saturday's double header. It's a combination of being tired after the weekend and the size their heads after beating the #1 team in the first game a 24-0 win in the second.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And in the sun he melted...


Avyrlie and I spent a couple hours playing in the snow on Tuesday. There can't be too many storms left so we decided to get our last snowman of the season built. Avyrlie piled on snow with her pink girl shovel and rattled off a ceaseless list of directions for me to follow. She's gone from last year's screaming protests at the suggestion of touching snow to this years endless requests to gear up play with her shovel.

We haven't any downhill sledding with her this year this year, just pulling her around in the yard. Last year's excursions kept ending with a sobbing and flailing ball of pink Avyrlie at the bottom of hill yelling "You broke me! Why did you break me?" We do have her pretty excited to start skiing next year so we decided not to push our luck with any more sledding incidents.


Hard to see, but we used some old windshield wipers for arms, tangerine eyeballs and rubber from the wiper for his belt and mouth.

We decided asparagus was close enough to a carrot for his nose.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Indoor Scrimmage

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Saturday was the last scrimmage before season play begins. Their first game is on the 14th up at the Eccles indoor field.

The regular quarterback wasn't there so Ian filled in. He lacks a bit of confidence, but for his first time he did a great job. This was their first time on the indoor field and everyone seemed a little timid at first, but started getting the feel of it and hitting harder about halfway through. Also the opposing team started some pretty foul trash talking which may have had something to do with the harder hits ;)

Ian's running was as good as I've seen. He was picking up his feet well and finding his blockers. Hopefully he uses the arena season for some good practice and just enjoys himself.

I, of course, was thinking the whole time about which lens I don't have that would be perfect for indoor sports. I'm sure Aimee would love a 70-200 F/2.8L IS lens for her birthday ^_^

Friday, March 6, 2009

Outside the Arena - First Scrimmage

Ian had his first scrimmage of the arena-football season yesterday at Midvale Middle School. They'll have an indoor scrimmage on Saturday, but for now they're out in the cold. It was very different than regular season football. The field is half the width and half the length so the plays are quick and tight. Quite a change for a team used to running sweeps.

Of course every time Ian was tackled I'd wait for him to get back up holding another broken shoulder, but he stayed in once piece. It was pretty ugly overall, but they were intense, hit hard, and started to get some plays down. I think they'll do well and have a good season.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

PT meeting haiku

Cheerful tense exchange
exit through cold winter rain
love and frustration

Monday, March 2, 2009