Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Art of Argue

Avyrlie's arguments are getting better each day. You can tell she puts some thought into them and is methodical. If it doesn't work, she won't use it again, but if it does, she'll milk it for everything possible.
Today we ran into a neighbor and his boy at McDonalds. Avyrlie generally doesn't play much with boys (a trait I fully encourage) but she sees him at church and home so they stick together in the playplace. He had his shoes off and couldn't make it up the slide with socks so Avyrlie was pulling him up. I don't let Avyrlie take her shoes off because it disturbs me to think of the various fluids in there just waiting to be soaked up by unsuspecting socks.
When I told Avyrlie it was time to go home she pointed to her friend and said, "No, I can't go to home. My friend will be so sad because he can't go up the slide. He will never be able to go up the slide and he will cry forever." we stayed for another 10 minutes...

Later, while Ian was at his guitar lesson Avyrlie asked for a slushie. Of course we all know she is going to get one out of me, even I am aware of that but I still started with telling her that it isn't healthy. Her reply was a bit more logical than I had expected: "But you said yes to me to eat sugar. Slushies are all sugar and some ice so you can said yes so I can eat a slushie too!" Information turned against me. I'm pretty sure her mom is training her ;)

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Chellor said...

I'm proud of her!