Saturday, August 28, 2010

Zoo Crew

Judy, Chris and Carson came down for a visit and are joining us for our weekend fun. Started off at Ian"s football game with a big win against Taylorsville. Then lunch at the Corner Bakery and now we're at the zoo waiting for the birdshow to begin. Avyrlie is having a ton of fun with Carson and is quote the tour guide. I'm not sure if its all informative but she talks non stop and gives a lot of directions ;)

Back to Ballet

After missing the first couple classes for family events she is oh-so-ready to dance.

This year we switched to the Saturday time so there is a class before her. She was pretty excited get to watch the older girls for a bit.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Alaska Hunt

Aaron (not me, the other Aaron) sent out this email and pics from his hunting trip in Alaska:

I just wanted to share some pictures from my Alaska Trip.

A special thanks to my wife, Evan & Amber Raber, and the Froehle Family who made this trip possible.

I spent some time in Nome, AK and some surrounding native villages. It was an amazing experience I will remember it the rest of my life. This caribou is part of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd which is approximately 490,000 strong.



(click More to see the pics)