Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fashion Forward

I give Aimee a lot of crap about her frequenty bizarre choice of sock style. Sadly, it tunrs out that most of it is undeserved because she is apparently on the cutting edge of womens fashion...

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Downhill Daredevil

Snow Bunnies

'Outdoor Aimee' strikes again! This time she felt the urge to hurl her daughter down a snow covered slope. Avyrlie seemed to enjoy herself so all is well :)

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Outdoor Aimee

'Outdoor Aimee' shows up every so often although like Mr. Hyde, the conditions have to be just right. Colorful leaves, cooler temperatures, and occasionally sunsets can all trigger the transformation.

Click the pic to below for additional photographic evidence of this rare transformation:


Trained by Avyrlie

I'm pretty sure Avyrlie has been giving Liza manipulation lessons. She seems to be a quick study ;)


Glowing Facebook Fanatic

One of my favorite things to see is Aimee wandering down the hall glued to her phone (aka Facebook). It's a hoot to watch her goofy expressions and random giggling as her seemingly disembodied head makes its way towards me. Ahh, life's pleasures :)

Facebook Addict

Monday, January 10, 2011

Angry Science

Ian had a science project due this week requiring him to put together several simple machines in some type of system. I agreed to help him put it together if he would draw it out first and he did a pretty good job of diagramming what he wanted.

Due to some extreme cold conditions in my garage/workshop, we put it together as quick as possible to avoid the whole frostbite issue so it is a bit less extravagant then originally planned, but it does the job.

Here's the final product he turned in via youtube. BTW, if I'd known he just had to record the thing and turn in the video, we'd have been working with cans of beans and spaghetti rather than suffering in the garage...