Monday, January 26, 2015

Eagle of the Month

Aimee and I got a call last Thursday to let us know Avyrlie was chosen as the Eagle of the Month for her class and there would an award ceremony the following Monday.

It is a bit sad that I have had kids at Silver Mesa for the past 10 years and had no idea what the Eagle of the Month is awarded for.

Turns out, it is an award for following the rules and being on time to school. Rule following is completely Avyrlie's wheelhouse, but she had never been nominated before because ONE of her parents doesn't do 'on time' at any location without fountain Diet Coke available.

Avyrlie really loves her teachers this year and loves excelling at school. She has had to work hard in school and this year she has started to see it pay off. It doesn't come as easy as it did for her brother, but unlike him, she cares about each missed point or percent and keeps track of every test and assignment due date. When Avyrlie shows up (on time or not), she shows up to win.