Monday, March 9, 2009

Indoor Scrimmage

(click the pic for the rest of the photos)

Saturday was the last scrimmage before season play begins. Their first game is on the 14th up at the Eccles indoor field.

The regular quarterback wasn't there so Ian filled in. He lacks a bit of confidence, but for his first time he did a great job. This was their first time on the indoor field and everyone seemed a little timid at first, but started getting the feel of it and hitting harder about halfway through. Also the opposing team started some pretty foul trash talking which may have had something to do with the harder hits ;)

Ian's running was as good as I've seen. He was picking up his feet well and finding his blockers. Hopefully he uses the arena season for some good practice and just enjoys himself.

I, of course, was thinking the whole time about which lens I don't have that would be perfect for indoor sports. I'm sure Aimee would love a 70-200 F/2.8L IS lens for her birthday ^_^

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