Thursday, March 12, 2009

And in the sun he melted...


Avyrlie and I spent a couple hours playing in the snow on Tuesday. There can't be too many storms left so we decided to get our last snowman of the season built. Avyrlie piled on snow with her pink girl shovel and rattled off a ceaseless list of directions for me to follow. She's gone from last year's screaming protests at the suggestion of touching snow to this years endless requests to gear up play with her shovel.

We haven't any downhill sledding with her this year this year, just pulling her around in the yard. Last year's excursions kept ending with a sobbing and flailing ball of pink Avyrlie at the bottom of hill yelling "You broke me! Why did you break me?" We do have her pretty excited to start skiing next year so we decided not to push our luck with any more sledding incidents.


Hard to see, but we used some old windshield wipers for arms, tangerine eyeballs and rubber from the wiper for his belt and mouth.

We decided asparagus was close enough to a carrot for his nose.


Aaron Smith said...

Before someone else comments on the glove let me just say that we do actually love the child, it is just hard to find kids size gloves and even harder to keep track of them between daycare, home, outside, and all the other random places she leaves articles of clothing.

Chellor said...

I was just going to say, "cool gloves."