Friday, June 12, 2009

Croc Check

Avyrlie and I took a quick trip to the zoo last Friday morning to make sure the crocodiles were still there. I'm pretty sure she gets worried that they might have escaped and be lurking around a corner waiting to snap her up for lunch. They're the only animal there that she us really afraid of.

They recently had babies so they are in a different habitat for some reason. When we went to see them, the hall they are in was completely deserted and dead quiet. Avyrlie crept up close enough to see that the crocs were in there, but wasn't coming any closer.
Outside Avyrlie had a ball playing Whack a Bug. Kleenex had a promotion for their anti-viral tissues with a couple games and a mascot. Avyrlie wasn't about to get close a life size germ ;)

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