Friday, June 12, 2009

Parade Season

For the last several years Ian and I have helped dad out at the Ranches Pony Express Days Parade. This year we talked Aimee and Avyrlie into coming with us and assured them it was just a short parade and went by quick. Well this year they decided to not only double the parade route, but they extended the staging area by about a half mile as well! We still got Aimee to go (riding in the truck ;) and Avyrlie was maybe too excited to be there, especially trying to contain her to the cab of a truck.

Ian complained a bit on the way, but had a great time. He enjoys helping out and passing out drinks and works pretty hard for his Mountain Dew reward. Probably didn't hurt that there were a couple girls riding the back of truck either ;)

Check out the after parade entertainment:

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