Friday, August 29, 2008

A walk in the park

A couple pix from our walk to the park yesterday with Triela. Avyrlie did pretty well holding the leash to walk her home, although at the moment Triela is growing faster than her and can manage to pull her around. Avyrlie didn't lose her grip on the leash even once though! Click below to keep reading our events from today...

Today Ian had an appointment at the sleep clinic. I made it early in the morning and let him stay up late just to make sure he looked the part (nothing worse than trying to convince doctors of symptoms...). All my efforts may have been a little much because after 10 minutes of questioning Ian (he does a pretty good job describing his concerns) the doctor decided to set him up to test for everything from apnea to narcolepsy. I've done this a couple times, and that seems a bit extreme, but it covers the bases which is what we're looking for at this point. Next Wednesday he heads in for his first sleep study. He has pretty mixed feelings between feeling weird and geeky like something is different or wrong with him, and just being glad in the realization that he has a bit more control over things he always felt were a bit out of control but couldn't decide just why.

As long as we were all the way down at PCMC, we decided (Avyrlie and I with Ian protesting) to stop at the zoo for ice cream and a bird show. The ice cream was very bad (don't get ice cream over by the zebras), but both kids loved the bird show.

I'd not seen the bird show at the zoo before, and after seeing a couple shows in the kid theater, I was not expecting too much. Ian was ready and anxious to head home, and Avyrlie busily eating her way to the bottom of a cup of nasty ice cream. Once the show started none of us looked away or quit smiling once. The humor was pretty good, the birds were amazing and the presentation was much better than average.

Avyrlie was a bit anxious about where the birds were going after they left the stage and were out of sight, but once I assured her they were not being eaten by anything, she was ok (not sure where she got that idea...) She was more impressed than I thought she would be with the birds flying overhead, although having a Golden Eagle graze your hair with it's wingtips is pretty impressive by any standard.

Ian is just an animal lover at heart and followed every bit of the presentation and was very attentive. Somehow I ended up there without a camera, but with season passes, and now having scouted the best seats, we'll be back for some pix another time (with an unsuspecting Aimee screaming as the Eagle Owl swoops a couple inches from her head!)

As I'm sitting here typing this, I'm literally surrounded by the foreign screams of multiple children. Much of the reason for the length of this post is the fact that I am hiding in the basement as Aimee entertains Rachel's horde outside with Triela. The dog is in heaven, finally having a pack large enough to be worthy of her beagle heritage and Aimee is in hell finding that she does not have enough arms to hold all the paper towels needed to keep that many children clean at all times. I had to laugh a bit (actually a lot) when I heard her exclaim, "Holy crap, there's already grass in the house!". Yeah, it's going to be a long weekend.

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