Friday, August 8, 2008

Carnivorous Plants

Chellor and K were sweet enough to surprise me with three carnivorous plants from Sarracenia Northwest. Not sure what that association says about me, but what a most excellent gift, and they made a trip up here just to deliver it.
The next day I made it a little just-like-home bog, unpacked them and introduced them to their new digs. I was a bit concerned about Chellor’s little red favorite (Red Dragon Flytrap) as it had already taken a bite out of itself…

It only had one trap left open so I found it a nice big juicy beetle, pulled the shell off it (presentation is everything with food) and stuck it in. Barely fit ^_^;

That done, I figured I should give the company a call and make sure I’d got everything right with the transplanting and such. The guy I talked to was just a bit obsessive abut these plants and even gave me some ’soothing sentences’ I could say to the Red Dragon to help it open back up. He was pretty excited to see the pictures of the beetle and thought I was strange for pulling the shell off first (pot, kettle…)

Not sure if it was the soothing sentences or not, but the trap opened back up last night and is ready for action again.

Also, I finally snagged a flickr account for my video so you no one has to hassle with plugins and such (or you could all just use Mac’s…). It should make it much easier to post up some videos of which I have a ton. Here’s the first of the bunch. It’s the same one in the previous post, just as a flickr version:

This little guy was out back eating my lettuce. sweet revenge ^_^

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