Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Perils of Iowa

Talked to Stephen this morning after hearing that Thayne had a classic 'Iowa rash' on his leg where the infection eats your flesh off and turns it into corn. He's doing well though, having enough Utah blood in him to stave off the grain gremlin germs, and thanks to a couple trips to have it sliced and drained (yuck). Preston just fell victim to the classic "It's all fun and games till someone looses and eye". Thankfully in this case, not lost, just black ;) Stephen's answer when I asked what happened: "Three brothers and a swing... Need I say more?".
Yeah, we'll revisit that quote when it's 'Four brothers and a swing'! 'Five brothers and a swing'! (Yeah, twins...)

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Chellor said...

Don't you mean 5 brothers and a swing?