Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Grandpma and Grandpa in town!

Getting a horsey ride from grandpa.

Just a couple of pictures from some get-togethers with the Sutliffs while they were all in town. Almost all, Aaron is still in Arizona, but we did get to see Brooke and Hayden. Hayden is getting pretty chatty and loves to entertain people (wonder where he gets that from ;) Check previous posts to see how Aaron entertained himself in the meantime...

Conversation today with Avyrlie while leaving the Sutliff house:

-her: I had fun swimming with Grandpa!
-me: That's great. Do you want to go swimming with dad?
-her: No. Grandpa can hold me in the water.
-me: I can hold you in the water too.
-her: No. Only grandpa can hold me in the water.

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