Sunday, August 10, 2008

Smith Family Reunion

As still as they get ;)

How do you plan a reunion for a family with this many little ones? Pick a place with a pool!

Lynne asked me for some family dates that she was interested in having, and I can’t help but imagine (this is where the trouble always starts…) that more people than just her would be interested in knowing an exact point in time that you and members of your family were held upside down in your birthday suit (hopefully that doesn’t happen a lot), or when you were finally able to tie the knot with someone willing to have children that look like you (She had three-inch-glass so I told her I look like Brad Pitt. Stupid Lasik procedure…).

So the favor is: leave a comment with any dates you are willing to share with us. Everyone able to view this page will be able to see and share your comments. I’ll compile them and send a complete (hopefully complete anyhow) list out to the email addresses you provide with your comments. So even if you have no dates/info to share, feel free to comment if you want an email copy!

—My advice, learned through losing many a digital bit, is to type up everything in a text editor (like notepad, word, etc..) and them copy/paste into the comment. I just mention this because anyone with Smith genes needs to actively garner habits that conserve hair follicles…

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