Monday, October 13, 2008

Missing Aimee

Hope you are having fun in Orlando. I don't think they let dogs on the rides anyhow so don't feel too bad leaving me behind. I lay with Avyrlie while she naps but I don't think the guy like me 'cause he keeps forgetting my name and calls me 'useless' instead.

Triela plays with me and keeps trying to have me stand in front of the stairs for some reason. Our favorite game is where she drags me across the kitchen floor by my beard.

Travel safe and remember to stick your head out the window.
-Love, Fushilinna

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Aimee said...

Dear Linna - Give your Dad a big kiss, he loves them. Snuggle him when he sits and follow close behind him when he walks. He will learn to love you back. I miss you too. Fluffy puppies make me smile.
PS... Please tell my family I love and miss them too. Orlando is not nearly as fun by myself. I am too socially weird to make other people have to deal with me for an extended period of time.