Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall up the canyon

Headed up the canyon to enjoy the weather as we listened to the last hour of conference this afternoon. Avyrlie was pretty excited to see the snow both kids loved throwing rocks at the river. I couldn't quite find a spot to make the photo I wanted, but we got a couple pretty good pix anyhow.

Ian was in an especially good mood of course because he loves having his photo taken ;) All in all we had a good afternoon enjoying the canyon and weather.

I have to mention how almost impressed I was with Aimee. The last couple times we headed up the canyon she wore sandals. Not like Teva's or even flip flops, but little dress sandals made specifically for flat, level ground and can barely handle stairs. This time she remembered to wear tennis shoes! Yes, she does own a pair of hiking shoes, but we'll take what we can get. Of course, when I told her we should go take some pictures in the snow, she dressed in a short sleeve shirt and left her jacket home...

Also, the eyeball thing. You'll notice that Avyrlie doesn't like to look at the camera very often and Ian won't open his eyes. Ian is easy to explain: he takes after his mother (yes, that explains a whole lotta things...). Avyrlie is my fault. I have a pretty good sized collection of vampire movies that Avyrlie loves to watch with me. In one series, the vampires souls are sucked from their body when someone takes their picture. I may have explained this with a bit more detail and drama to Avyrlie. She hasn't actually said anything about it, and I haven't asked, but I've noticed the she won't look at the camera for posed shots lately.

She does still love to have her picture taken and assumes that I take photos of everything she does all day long. Frequently she will do something, bring me my camera, and ask to see a picture of it. Very cute :)

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