Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Give me an A!!!

Avyrlie started cheerleading classes at The Little Gym yesterday. It's a new program for them so enrollment is currently pretty low in the weekday classes. Very cool to have more teacher time, but I think one or two more kids would add some enthusiasm. Avyrlie was very excited and tried all kinds of things that we hadn't been able to get her interested in during the gymnastics class she took this summer.

She lost interest a little while playing with the parachute, but was like, TOTALLY EXCITED to jump around with pom poms. Overall, the biggest challenge was getting her to put on shoes with socks after wearing sandals all summer. The scream of "YOU ARE BREAKING MY FEET!!" quickly subsided once the other little girl told Avyrlie how cute her shoes are. Sometimes peer pressure rocks ;)

I was a bit nervous snapping pictures not wanting to interrupt or distract Avyrlie, but I should have asked before hand because the teacher was very cool with it and even posed Avyrlie a couple times for me toward the end.

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