Sunday, October 5, 2008

Football in the rain

Hayden had a good time and kept his dad busy providing entertainment.
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Aaron and Hayden made it to Ian's game against Olympus. They had a pretty quick defense that we couldn't seem to get around to well. Hopefully they start working on their passing game sometime here...

It was wet, windy, and raining steadily all morning so I set up the canopy just behind the endzone as did one of the other parents as well. It ended up being the pre-game and half-time gathering place for the team to hide out from the rain for a bit. Of course in weather like that I wish I'd splurged the extra $50 for the waterproof, quick setup version :( We wedged an umbrella in the top and it worked out pretty well to keep us dry (mostly worried about the camera...) and keep Hayden entertained trying to snag the umbrella handle.
Indian Food

Afterward, we all headed for Indian food. We Smiths have added an awesome Indian food restaurant with a lunch buffet to out list of must-haves in any neighborhood we live in. Saturday was an especially busy day. Hayden took the opportunity to practice entertaining the crowd. He was needing a nap, but without a warm bottle, it just wasn't happening. Avyrlie tried her hand at being the good example and stayed in her seat and ate her lunch.

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