Sunday, January 18, 2009

Little Help Please

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Want to see something funny? Give a colorblind kid a Rubicks Cube and tell him there are two sides of every color. Not that I would do something like that ;)

Ian got a Rubicks Cube during his trip to Australia and has been working on it since. Mostly he had been pestering me to teach him how to do it. Of course I was not about to admit to not having a clue how to do the thing which did nothing to lessen the pestering.


Avyrlie would constantly offer advice and encouragement and try to help solve it. Ian was terrified to let her touch it especially after her most recent employment offer on the TV show "Human Wrecking Balls". She's cute and all but tends to be a bit harsh on things like DVD's, toys, and peacefully sleeping parents, all of which she has inflicted incalculable damage upon.


A couple days ago I noticed that he had figured out how to get one side completed and line up the first row of colors as well. I'm always impressed when Ian sticks with something so I made him a cheat sheet for completing the rest of the cube. He struggled with the whole clockwise-counterclockwise difference for a while (as well as the color thing), but did finally managed to get it solved.


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Chellor said...

Sucks that I am only striving to be as smart as my nephew that is half my age. I guess that's what happens when he's the product of you and Aimee. :T Way to go Ian!