Sunday, January 18, 2009

Basketball Induced Bedtime

Each year the stake has a basketball tournament for the deacons and teachers as an all day triple header. I wouldn't say basketball is Ian's strongest sport, but he sure enjoys playing it. Friday night he spent three hours at the church practicing with his buddies and a couple dads.


The practicing paid off some because Ian played really well the first two games. The first game went into overtime where they lost by two and the second they just lost as well. By the third game they were all beat and playing a team of almost-fourteen year-olds. They got creamed. Ian did manage to get one of the kids kicked out of the game for throwing elbows at him. The kid was pretty frustrated because Ian plays pretty physical ball. Not dirty, but he does tend to use some football style blocks occasionally.

My favorite part of watching Ian play is his ninja attacks as he tries to karate chop the ball out of the opponents hands. With a little more practice I'm sure he'll reduce his foul count quite a bit, but it really is fun to see how he hustles on the court and just has fun playing.

We headed out to eat after his last game. Normally this means the buffet at our favorite Indian restaurant. Sadly for us, they went on vacation for two months and won't return till the end of January. Also sadly for us, we decided to try a new place which turned out to be edible, but no comparison to Taste of Punjab.

After a day of basketball and a buffet meal in his stomach, Ian passed out for the next several hours, woke up to shower and then headed to bed for the night.

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