Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cereal Contaminator

I'm blogging with Aimee at the moment so in addition to just taking more time to agree on what to type here, I think I am also going to have to explain the two COMPLETELY separate trains of thought that have gone in to creating this post.

First off: the title of the post. Avyrlie continues to maintain a steady diet of cereal, Diet Coke and ice cream. That would be the 'Cereal' portion of the title as any DNA test would most likely reveal a pattern of nothing but Fruit Loops.

As for the Contaminator bit, Aimee and I disagree slightly on the use of cutting boards. I say slightly as I am bandaging the wounds inflicted by her style of 'discussing' the subject. Aimee, rightly so, tells me that I should use seperate cutting boards for meat and vegetables. This is true and I stick to this principle at all times except in the case of peppers which I always cook right with my meat at the same temperature for the same amount of time. If I'm cooking them different from the meat, they have their own board.
Anyhow, that's how the title came to be. Now on to the post:


I have been bugging Ian for the past week to start doing some of the requirements for his Duty to God booklet. He, in usual Ian fashion, has not been entirely compliant unless chained, shackled and whipped. Avyrlie has been offering to step in and take over where Ian's efforts have fallen short.

One requirement is cooking dinner. Ian has yet to figure out how to get water into a pan, much less actually use it to cook something (a telling sign of who his mother is). Avyrlie offered to help cook some stir fry with me. I think she just wanted the chance to touch my knives that are generally off limits to everyone. She didn't do to bad, but lacks any type of fear regarding the ability to sever fingers, so the knife usage was short lived.


Another of her favorite activities is shoveling snow. I have been asking Ian to shovel off the deck for some time now, so Avyrlie offered to finish up what he hadn't started. We couldn't find her pink girl shovel so we headed to the garage to find her something to use. Avyrlie grabbed my three pronged garden trowel and proclaimed it her weapon of choice against the evils of snow and ice. I'm pretty sure she grabbed it because Aimee has been showing her Freddy Krueger movies again. Avyrlie and her scary monsters...


She attacked the snow for a good hour before declaring a truce and heading back indoors to ask for a bowl of ice cream and glass of Diet Coke as reward for a well fought battle.

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