Saturday, December 19, 2009

New monkey in the bed

Yes, the orange pillow mine. Or it was mine until Avyrlie made it clear that I am just too big to fit in her mommy's bed and Liza is just right. Yeah, coal for that one.

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Chelsi and Kendall came stopped by for a bit yesterday on their way home from the conclusion of their car shopping. They picked up a great (family sized...) AWD that they'll love this time of year. The Smith's were more than a little beat after a day of new puppy, work, and Christmas preparations, so my apologies to them for being very boring hosts.
Kim and Matt also stopped by with a new addition. They have a male goldendoodle puppy they named Sora (technically a girls name although they named him after a boy who is voice acted by a boy who plays girls parts. very gender confused dog...)
Sora is a bundle of timid enthusiasm. He rarely sits still (thus, none of my pictures turned out at all) and got along well with Liza (they both like the same potty places on my carpet :(
Avyrlie is still pretty wary of her teeth filled friend, but loves taking care of her especially when she can tuck her into bed for a shared naptime.


Chellor said...

We had a ton of fun just hangin out with you guys! However K did say today with a heavy sigh, "Another week without hanging out with Aarons family." he was Really hoping to get to see the movie with you guys ;)

Leah Stone said...

Welcome to my life. Last October when I ran the marathon in Portland- Paul invited Jack into the bed, before this I had managed to make Jack sleep on his own dog bed on the floor. Well now a year and some later we have a 95 pound doberman in bed with us. We only have a Queen bed mind you. Oh and Charlie sleeps under the covers in the bed, too. Of course- why wouldn't he?

So good luck with finding somewhere to sleep. My recommendation. Fix up the basement room-get a bed for it, and Whola! your own Man Room.