Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello Christmas

Hello Christmas, originally uploaded by eouio.

Avyrlie and I dropped Ian off at a friends house yesterday. It was late enough that it was beginning to get dark (5PM so sad) that some houses had turned on their Christmas lights and trees. Avyrlie declared that we should put up our tree and without really thinking about it I agreed.

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She took that to mean I had now moved Christmas Tree to the top of my most urgent ToDo list because for the next two hours she talked about it non-stop.

"Should we put the Tree over here?"
"I have to put the star on top to make it beautiful!"
"Does Ian know how to put up a Christmas Tree?"
"Can birds live in our Christmas Tree?"
"My school needs a Christmas Tree!"
"Santa is sad that we don't have a Tree."
"Does Dylan have a Christmas Tree?"
"Tomorrow is not the day to do the Christmas Tree!"
"Dogs can't put up a Christmas Tree. They only make messes."
"Dad, if you don't put up a Christmas Tree the reindeer will cry."
"Mom said yes that I can have a Christmas Tree!"

Our actual tree setup time is about 5 minutes. With Aimee out of town at the moment I cut that down to 2 because I can skip all the cleanup ;) We keep the tree fully assembled (yes, it's fake and pre-lit) in the basement, bundled in plastic wrap to keep it clean. Aimee gets the ornaments. I just provide labor.

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Leah Stone said...

Way to go Avyrlie! Miss you sweetie