Saturday, December 5, 2009

Avyrlie's First Dance Class

Avyrlie was much more excited about the idea of dance class than the actual dance class this time around. She came out at half-time and asked if I saw all the beautiful poses she did for me :) She also spent a fair amount of time practicing poses in front of the mirror.
She did stay on task and paid attention to the instructor pretty well. I think overall she'll really enjoy it. On the way home she explained to me that she didn't need to go to school now because she has a class already and mom can just take her to dance in the morning from now on instead of preschool. So cute.
To clarify 'half-time': the first half of the class is tap, and the second half is ballet. They all come out to have their moms (and me) change their shoes.

Avyrlie's First Dance Class from aaron smith on Vimeo.

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JessWilson said...

So cute!! I loved the head shake that she did for you. We'll be excited to come to a tap/ballet recital. :)