Friday, January 1, 2010

The poop on the pooch

House Broken, originally uploaded by eouio.

Just a quick dog update here from chaos central. Let me start by getting the Poop topic out of the way. Although I could type up several volumes on the subject, I realize I am a bit oversensitive to dogs and their poop habits such as eating it, walking through it, rolling in it... While all of those apply to Eliza, my only current gripe are the dingleberries. Apparently we have a dog with bushy butt fur that requires slightly more than occasional attention. Just when I thought I was done wiping little butts :(

Yes, her name is Eliza. For those who do not know, I am picky about names. It comes from my dad so please address any complaints to him. I did manage to concede in naming the dog, but for some reason everyone wants two syllable dog names so Eliza has been shortened to Liza for everyday use. At some point I may grow accustomed to the shortened version (yeah, right) but I find myself needing some nook of normalcy which for now will be here. ELIZA. Anytime you need to escape the craziness of it all, just stop on by and bask in the normalcy that is Smithpix :) I feel better already.

On to the point: The dog is still alive, owned by me, and has been released from solitary confinement pending further good behavior. All items will hopefully put Aimee's mind at some degree of ease considering her last words before leaving were, "Remember, dogs are friends, not food." I suppose butchered movie lines suffice when she isn't reciting lyrics from the 80's.

I was looking forward to honing my mopping and carpet cleaning talents so I could surprise Aimee when she got back with some mad Bissell skilz. After the Christmas Day incident, now etched in Smith history as the 'Great Tree Skirt Defilement', I was sure many opportunities awaited me. Chelsi and Kendall did some dog sitting on Monday and Tuesday for me. Actually, they did it for the dog after Aimee explained to them it was going to be the last time they saw Eliza alive. Dingleberry dog had a couple accidents, but none involving poop (unless accidentally eating it counts...)

Wednesday she had a long day at home, and the result is pictured above. The crime scene indicated that an avocado and several limes were brutally molested and then destroyed. Eliza's breath also evidenced the eating of the lime along with some other pungent doggie delicacy (so wrong...) And of course, she scooted under the table right up to the carpet to mark her special potty patch. Lets just say she's lucky I don't fit through the doggie door so she managed to get a head start.

Thursday my prayers were answered. Not my actual prayers involving spontaneous combustion, but good enough. As of Wednesday afternoon, Eliza has been accident free (again, not counting accidental eating) and has even stopped fighting me during her frequent teeth brushing although we're still working on the gargling ;) Yes, I know I've probably jinxed myself which is why I've put her outside for a bit. Also I saw an eagle fly over.

That's it for adventures with the pooch. I know, it wasn't much of an adventure. Good. Hopefully it stays that way for a long time. She seems to be a pretty smart dog and fairly well behaved aside from the whole chewing-everything-in-sight-with-my-razor-sharp-puppy-teeth issue. She loves to follow me around everywhere and while she isn't much of a cuddler, she always wants to be close by. Her favorite thing has been chasing the snow shovel as I clear the driveway. I've started taking it with me on walks to clear neighbors drives while Eliza chases after it.

So, aside from the perpetual food issue I don't have many complaints. I'll snag some video of her sleeping sometime. I'm pretty sure she either dreams of being a ninja or of trying to escape from Avyrlie.

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