Friday, January 8, 2010

Puppy Maintenance

Avyrlie and I took Liza to the vet for her next round of puppy shots. She was very well behaved and loves all the attention she gets from the staff (Liza and Avyrlie both ;)
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Avyrlie helped distract Liza with treats during her shots and kept herself entertained by asking what kind of dog was in each picture on all the literature in the office and deciding how they are related to Liza.
We also did some grooming in hopes of keeping the floors a bit cleaner. Liza has quite a bit of fur between the pads of her feet that pick up everything while she is out and about. I found the best scissors for doing occasional trimming like paws, eyes, and ears. They have nice big handles and small, blunt blades so they can't do too much damage (but I can pretend ;)

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