Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Zoo Pirate

I have a bunch of random clips of random stuff and thought I'd just post one. First pick was another of Aimee picking her nose, but I decided to avoid the pain and go with my second pick.

Zoo Pirate from aaron smith on Vimeo.


Leah Stone said...

first off i love that you posted my mr. peanut pic. second you need to add my blog

to your blog.

third...i really miss my family and really love that i can look at these photos so thanks for making such a nice blog.

Aaron Smith said...

I loved the Mr. Peanut pic, made my day and I apologize for not adding your blog sooner. I'm not used to Sutliff's being online ;) Thanks for keeping us up to date with you guys. Looks gorgeous back there this time of year :)