Sunday, October 18, 2009

Aimee Absence

Everyone has called to make sure the kids and I are doing ok with Aimee out of town for a bit. Actually no one has directly asked about me, but I'm sure the concern is implied...

So what's different with Aimee gone?

We go to the zoo more. Aimee has no great love for crowds, walking uphill, and the smell of poop so she tends to choose places that don't combine all three. I could spend time each day at the zoo and never get tired of it. Animals are just unpredictable and a little nutty and provide endless entertainment and fascination. Ian and Avyrlie fit right in :)

We buy flowers. It's much harder to say no to Avyrlie when she asks for flowers than it is to say no to Aimee (I've just had more practice saying no to Aimee ;) Also with Aimee gone, there is no one home to clean the bathrooms so we need something to mask the smell.

I occasionally forget dinner. Normally, I eat one or two meals a day and neither is dinner. After about 3PM I'm just not hungry any more. That's not to say that I don't eat any more if provided the opportunity, but if left to me to prepare the meals, I may forget about dinner and possibly lunch.

Avyrlie has proven that 4 year olds are endlessly adaptable and has taken to eating her unneeded toes. I figure a person really only needs three on each foot so she has another couple more days until we need to be too concerned.

Ian, on the other hand, can't go more than three breaths without one of them being accompanied by the inhalation of food. I had asked him to hold his breath so that not only would he stop spreading his lovely swine-like properties, but also to avoid the constant plea for additional afternoon meals.

I'm pretty sure we'll all survive a couple more days till mom gets home, but lets just say her flight better not be delayed!

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