Sunday, October 4, 2009

Impatiently Waiting

IMG_2310, originally uploaded by eouio.

I want winter. In fact, I'm desperate enough that I packed everyone in the car today and headed up the canyon till we hit snow. Avyrlie was the only one brave enough to jump out and play a bit.

I was ready to head off into it for a while, but Aimee didn't trust the roads. To me, that is the point of having 4-wheel drive. Really, she should have jumped behind the wheel and taken us over the pass.

It's a bit like food storage. If you never use it, when the time comes and disaster strikes you end up dead despite all the preparation. It was nice knowing you, wife :)


Shannon said...

What is the white stuff in that picture? I think Zach and I are headed to Albany so I guess I'll find out pretty quickly! :) You have one adorable little girl!

Chellor said...

With the degree to which you love snow I wonder at times how you can be my brother or I your sister. I HATE snow! Rather, I HATE the cold and all that comes with it... If it were possible snow could exist in 75 degree weather I think I would like it fine. Until then, I HATE snow and it's wet, cold glory!

Aaron Smith said...

I'm not big on wet either, Chels, which is why I like COLD. Frozen cold snow that kids can't make snowballs out of. I call it Safety Snow (patent pending on Mother Nature approval)

Leah Stone said...

this is an amazing picture. I really love it!