Saturday, September 12, 2009

Impatient Poser

Avyrlie was following me around the house yesterday telling me a story about how princesses dance to safety when when attacked by mean crocodiles. I love that her stories never have a knight in them ;) The princess just use the magical powers of wistfulness to escape any and all perils that befall them (always a crocodile though).

She followed me downstairs where I was putting away some camera gear and she asked me to take a picture of her dancing. I told her I would if she would also pose for a couple shots as well. She agreed and after a half hour of an Avyrlie directed photoshoot which involved instructions like, "Take pictures like a mean crocodile" and, "Use your princess camera, Dad", I ended up with a couple pictures that I think show Avyrlie pretty well.

I asked her to pose for a second and this is what I got. Impatiently complient, very cute, and the left side of her mouth always a little dirty. She is just as impatient about having her dancing interrupted to pose as she is about being interrupted to clean her face.


Then back to dancing. She loves having hair long enough to move around with her. I suppose as long as she is ignoring the existence of boys her hair will do as a dancing partner. Doesn't hurt Dad's feelings one bit! She also loves wearing dresses and has started to ask for nightgowns instead of pajamas so she can spin like a princess with them. While looking at dance classes for her, her only requirement was that they teach her to dance like a princess and don't have any mean boys. May she never change...


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