Monday, December 29, 2008

Holiday feel good movie

I understand that my movie recommendations are usually cause for most people who know me to run inside, bolt the door, screen their calls, and cancel mail service for the week just in case I try to slip them a disc that way.

This one is also mostly recommended by Aimee so that you can rest assured that it does not contain; animation, subtitles, vampires, a sad ending, bad guys winning, or bicycles. Also, because I liked it you know it's not straight from the 80's ;)

So, if you dare take a recommendation from the me after the slight disclaimer, go rent 'Lars and the Real Girl' immediately. You'll thank me later. Or hunt me down and smash my bike ^_^


Aimee said...

Vampires work for me if there name starts with Edward and ends in Cullen.

Aimee said...

humm....and now I need to to edit my misuse of there to their....sad

Chellor said...

I'm shocked you like this one! Everyone likes it and that usually means you hate it! But I must say I feel in love with it when I went to see it opening weekend. And I tease Kendall about his Biannca all the time. ;)