Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lloyd, Live and Unrehearsed!

There us just nothing quite like Coach Lloyd's end of the year football banquet. Some things have become pretty cool traditions and others have become traditions just for the sake of tradition. This is my quick laundry list and later I'll put up some pics and such (yes Chelsi, 'more later' meaning some unspecified time before or after my death ;)

Location: very cool. We've had it at a private room in a golf course clubhouse the last couple years. Food is nothing to write about, but edible and the size and privacy are perfect. Only complaint is the lighting for photos. I need to to brave it and just set up some strobes.

Trophies: also very cool. Just the right size with name, league, and team. I'm expecting something more if we ever best Grantsville though!

Posters: We all agree that black and white is the way to go for these. Our Team Mom does an awesome job picking out a great shot of each kid and making up an 11x14 print. All the kids and coaches sign each others' posters and put the stickers from their helmets on them. This is the third to go up on Ian's wall and look pretty cool together.


Presentations: Cool. Almost very cool, but they tend to go a bit long for the attention span of 16 football playing eleven-year-olds. All the coaches really care about the kids and enjoy coaching so it's fun to have a chance to them to give the kids some praise without the pressure of the season.

This year our team mom also made me a color poster of the offense with Ian out front. It was one of my favorite pix of the season and, of course, I was all teary eyed heading back to my seat. What a pansy ;)


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