Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hate downloading from Flickr?

Want to download a bunch of pictures easily from Smithpix? You can stop pulling your hair out and click below for a simple, speedy solution :)

Apparently, not everyone loves Flickr as much as I do. It makes my life much simpler especially for searching through photos.

The best tool I've found for grabbing a bunch of photos quickly is a program called FlickrDown.
Below is the link to the download page. Grab either the .exe file or the .zip, whichever works for you.

Click here to download FlickrDown.

The first screen lets you search for a user's photos. My username is 'eouio'. Enter it in the search box and hit 'Lookup'.

FlickrDown pulls up a list of all the sets I have available. You can either choose the entire set or click on the name of the set for a list of individual pix with thumbnails so you can see what you're getting.
After you've made your selections, choose a folder to download the photos to and hit 'Download'.

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