Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bed bugs

No pics yet, but I wanted to get a couple posts up while I have some down-time. Aimee and I got home from grabbing a couple necessities at the store last night (ice cream and Diet Coke...) to find all four youngsters curled up on our bed, sound asleep. My pic only has three because Sadie is a pretty light sleeper and got up when I walked in.

Aimee was hoping for an alert dog similar to Sam whose bark would cause the dehydrated dead to wet themselves as they lept from the grave. Sadie will bark if she is awake, if she hears you, and if she really cares (not very often).

I'm pretty sure Triela has never alerted anyone to anything and has to get pretty excited before she makes a peep. When I woke her up to kennel her last night she just managed to open one eye and turn her head slightly before going back to sleep.

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