Friday, February 11, 2011

I Have a Superpower !!!

I have the amazing ability to re-gift items and events to myself!

Aimee would say I just have a bad memory, but that's just calling the glass half empty. In reality, I have spent years honing my ability to completely erase memories from my mind.

For example: Today I pulled out my Nook eReader to read my latest purchase, only to find that I had forgotten to download it. Having a WiFi only Nook, I was out of luck :( Strangely though, when I tried to update my library, it succeeded! A little more checking and I found that I have a 3G Nook rather than a WiFi only! WOOT!

Without my superpower it would have been just another humdrum download, but thanks to my amazing powers of Re-Gifting, I received a brand new 3G Nook! Totally glass half full!

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