Friday, February 19, 2010

Ian's budgeting idea

Ian: "Dad, I need a haircut."

Me: "Then go get one. You have a bike."

Ian: "I need money. Oh, I have an idea! How about you just leave a bunch of twenties on the fridge and then if I, I mean if you, need something I can just grab a twenty and go get it."

Me: "What is a bunch?"

Ian: "Like seven or ten. Whatever is easier."

Me: "I have a better idea. Lets keep the twenties in your wallet and just use the ones you earn."

Ian: "I like my idea better..."


Shannon said...

Haha. I love it. You have such a clever son!

Leah Stone said...

well I remember years ago when he asked everyone for 50 bucks. I think he was like 7 or something like that

Aaron Smith said...

Yeah, it's cute how teenagers think the world's monetary system revolves around their hearts desire.