Friday, February 26, 2010

Choosing your audience

My wife is far better than I at filtering what she says depending on the current company. I just say whatever, wherever, whenever. Two examples I must share for either their humor and inappropriateness (two traits I deeply value in any person)

I picked up Avyrlie at daycare earlier in the week and was approached by one of the cute little snot dripping friends who declared, "I called Avyrlie a Chicken Head!" to which I responded, "I call Avyrlie a Turkey Butt!". Over the next couple of days I heard my new expression put effectively into use by several of Avyrlie's friends.

This morning I dropped Liza off at the vet to be spayed. The vet we take her to has an all female staff and the vet is also female. I think they have one guy who does grooming, but he's one of the fruitier people I've ever met. One of the staff made the comment, "having her girl parts removed may make her more mellow and obedient." I agreed and added that it should also make her a better driver. I think I'll have Aimee pick Liza up in the morning...

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considertessa said...

I almost wet myself after reading the last one. I really wish you would have snapped a photo at the look on their faces. Although, I think I get a similar look everytime I speak. I will have to just imagine it for now.