Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dude, that show is intense!

Aimee and I have found that our favorite way to watch TV is waiting until about the 5th season, and then watching previous episodes on DVD. Recently we started watching 24 and while Aimee has been a little put off by the shock value thrown in by the producers, I've enjoyed it quite a bit.

Last night we had a lazy family night going out to 'Sweet Tomatoes', playing Wii, watching Avyrlie do stunts off the couch, and then eating snacks and watching 24. Aimee lasted about 30 minutes (all of which she spent glued to Facebook and Chelsi's Twitter feed) but Ian and I stayed up to watch all four episodes on the last disc of Season 1.

It's pretty rare that he gets into a TV show and he was very into this one. For those of you who haven't seen the end of Season 1 (yeah, it was probably just me) stop reading here.

At the end of hour 10 episode 23 beginning as 10 pm and ending at 11 pm , Ian got up, turned to me, and said, "Dude, that show is intense. We have to watch the rest." At the end of hour 11 episode 24 which begins at 11 pm and ends at 12 am (the last episode) he sat with his mouth gaping for moment and then said, "Dude, that was harsh. I love this show!" Some days I know he's my kid :)

Disclaimer: the 'dude' thing comes from Aimee. Obviously it was a popular expression in the 80's.


Aimee said...

not to be rude my love, but there is a reason it is called 24.....the last hour would have been the 23rd-24th not the 11th. Humm

Aaron Smith said...

My sincerest apologies. Corrections will be made ASAP!

Tessa said...

Story Time-

When I was in middle school Shannon and I went to visit some friends of ours. They got us to watch the first couple episodes of 24 and that is all we did for the rest of the trip. We ended up taking it home and by the last couple disks it was time to go to school and I was "violently ill" and HAD to stay home because of my cantagious plague like sickness. My illness was actually caused by my 24 obsession and upcoming withdrawal so I spent the whole day finishing watching the end of that season. It IS intense and I have to tell you that season 1 is still my favorite.

I think the idea of waiting until a show has 5 seasons out and then beginning to watch it is a good idea. I have done that with alot of the shows I watch and it turns out mostly for the best. The only problem is that I still have the same addictive personality I did in middle school which leads to many missed classes and procrastination due to watching TV shows. At the end of last year I I was almost late to High School Graduation because of my House obsession.

So this long pointless comments purpose is to say that I am glad you finally got to watch that fantastic season of 24 and I hope you enjoy to rest of the seasons. Happy watching...