Saturday, February 28, 2009

Breakfast of Champions. errr, me

Egg sandwiches have been one of my favorite breakfast items for many moons now. More recently, I improved slightly on my recipe (if you can call it that). Not as quick, but well worth the slight time investment (click below to read on if you have nothing better to do ;)

Ian's favorite healthy snack, and mine because I don't have to blackmail him to eat it, are mangos. Of course, in true Ian style, his favorites are the more expensive Atualfos, which are quite a bit better, and they don't seem to go bad as quickly as others. Anyhow, that's on the top of my plate.

My juice of choice is Odwalla Strawberry 'C' Monster. Super stuff and Costco started carrying it making it much cheaper! I really hate pills and vitamins, but am a firm believer in Vitamin C. Yes, brainwashed as a child ;)

Now for the actual recipe improvement. When I'm in a hurry, I just toss the eggs in a pan, scramble them as they cook and toast some bread with cheese. Stick the two together and head out the door. Given a bit more time though, I pull out the Tamagoyaki pan and make up a Japanese style omelet.

You can find the actual technique on YouTube, but essentially you are cooking a thin layer of egg, rolling it, and then setting the roll on top of another thin layer to repeat the process.

I use two eggs, 1 tsp mirin, 1 tsp light soy, and 1 tsp dashi. Creates a sweet and savory flavor, something like eating chocolate pretzels (sorta...)

Slice up the roll of egg, lay it out on the bread, and enjoy!!!


Chellor said...

You were brainwashed to take Vitamin C as a child while me and Jess would hide behind the couch and eat the entire bottle of orange flavored chewable ones! What happened to Mom and Dad in that time span that made you feel forced to take them and us feel like we had to hide and eat the whole bottle?! Chewables?

Chellor said...

I left that previous comment before finishing reading your whole post. Now that I've gone back and read it all I'm salivating... like a dog... real drool.