Saturday, December 21, 2013

We're on to you...

So, it turns out that Kim, Matt, and likely even innocent little Stockton have been playing a rather elaborate prank on the rest of the clan.


As if the gender confusion of the naming scheme wasn't quite enough for their personal amusement, they decided to take it to beyond the next level.

They have trained Sora to whine the phrase "You are doing it wrong!" and abscond with random objects unless you scratch his crotch.

How did I come to this realization? Well, I am generally not much of a social crotch scratcher (no, really, you're thinking of Aimee), so it took a happenstance occurrence for me to stumble across this diabolical punking.

As per the usual routine, Sora bounded excitedly to me with a shoe/sock/pan/sink proudly displayed in his jowls and proceeded to incessantly whine his well-trained catch phrase. As I reached to give him his hard earned scratch on the ears, he executed a ninja jump-roll-double-A-button maneuver which somehow ended with me scratching his crotch.

Magically, the dog was suddenly normal. Alas, as soon as the crotch scratching ended (which was immediately. Again you are thinking of my more disturbing half...) the poor pranked-out pooch returned to his anxiety ridden klepto self.

We are now working on training Liza to play bagpipes until she gets her nightly enema.

Delighted Diabolical Demon

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