Monday, November 7, 2011

Epic Halloween

This year the tide of Halloween seemed to ebb and flow during a week long battering from saves of candy.

Avyrlie had an event per day -

  • Thursday: Church lot trunk-or-treat
  • Friday: Spooky Cubicles at Aimee's work
  • Saturday: Trick or Treating at Grandma's neighborhood party
  • Sunday: Sunday-School sweets
By Monday she was bit burned out on the whole candy thing and would probably have loved to get a couple toothbrushes and just hang out with friends rather than gather selections of sweets from the neighborhood.

She is way more into Halloween as a social event than as a crazed cavity convention, and her Bah-Humbug brother didn't manage to leave the X-Box to answer a single trick-or-treater! Truth be told, we only answered 8 candy requests at our place. Avyrlie's angry pumpkin must have scared them away ;)

(Click the pic to view the rest of the Halloween gallery)

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