Friday, December 17, 2010

Product of Her Parents

Avyrlie just finished explaining to me why the hotel is much better than just home:

 "They have a pool and cool places to eat and you can ride the train and the bathroom is sooooo much easier to clean."

Remind you of anyone?

This time of year was always much to overwhelming for poor little Ian when he was in grade school. Between his birthday, all the activities at school, get-togethers with family, his parent's anniversary and then of course, Christmas, he was constantly on running in overload mode for two months straight. The fact that he was more than a little spoiled didn't help much either ;)

Avyrlie is much more laid back. (That bit she gets from me ;)  She gets plenty excited and checks her 'event schedule' frequently to make sure she isn't missing out on anything, but she is ok with waiting patiently for events. Of course the waiting is accompanied by non-stop talk questioning about all the plans she is making and all the plans you are making and all the plans everyone is making... Internet chat rooms and Relief Society exist for personalities like hers.

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