Sunday, September 26, 2010

War Machine

Hillcrest had a great game Saturday against Cyprus. Ian had 3 or 4 touchdowns and some great runs. The kids are in great shape and were hitting hard this game. Defense struggled a little bit because of the size difference but made up for it in skill and speed.

I stuck together a couple pix of one of Ian's touchdown runs from the Cyprus game and put it in a video. Music is AC/DC's War Machine ;)


JessWilson said...

Pretty sweet run!

Leah Stone said...

Oh thank you thank you thank you. I have been feeling really sad that I can't be at his games. My dad calls me up after every game to rub it in and give me the stats. I would love to see lots of videos of the games. Ian is a rock star. Those are great photos and an awesome video. I think I maybe teared up a bit. Does that mean I am homesick or what?