Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fruit Loop Monster

Fruit Loop Monster, originally uploaded by eouio.

We had a ball watching Greg and Jessica's boys last night. Avyrlie is always up for spending time with cousins and worked pretty hard to show them a good time.

First they pulled out all the stuffed animals from her room and transported them to 'safety' in the living room. Then they transported them back to Avyrlie's room when dad suggested the animals might be getting tired and needing a nap. They watched Avyrlie's favorite cartoons for a bit, but holding still didn't last long!
Avyrlie got everybody a little bowl of Fruit Loops to pack around and snack on. Unfortunately it quickly became spread around and snack on so the bowls went back to the kitchen, except for Adam's. He was not about to lose track of a single Loop! Food is serious business with that kid ;)

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