Monday, May 25, 2009

Wet and Wild at Salem Pond

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Headed down to Salem Park for some Memorial weekend fun in the sun. Most everyone was there and the kids had a blast playing in the water.
Aimee started out the day taking the kids out to breakfast with her parents. I started the day at work. We met up at the batting cages where I got smoked by Ian's mad baseball smashing skilz. I usually school him pretty good, but wasn't on my game today.
Then we headed down to Salem. Stopped at Hickory Kist on the way to snag some sandwiches and fudge. Matt brought water blasters for the kids to battle with. Avyrlie does not have the warrior spirit and took all attacks personally, melting into a pile of tears each time droplets flew her way.
Jessica got in some training time in the pond swimming almost the full course. She didn't drown and only held on to ducks for support twice so I think she'll do well ;)

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