Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It won't steal my soul

IMG_2344, originally uploaded by eouio.

Not the coolest pic, but I'm pretty happy that Avyrlie will look at the camera again. No more vampire movies for her for a while ;)

This has been where we have spent most of our time together over the past week as I take her back and forth to various family members. She is having a ton of fun playing with cousins, Scotty, grandparents, and even occasionally dad.

I hung out for a bit yesterday evening with Jessica and Greg and his parents who are visiting from California. Of course I had to bring up where they were spending the holidays. Apparently that subject has not quite been put to rest yet :o

It was nice to sit and relax, go out to dinner, coax Greg out of yardwork, and just watch the kids play a bit. Avyrlie and Dylan play really well together lately and the only crying is during "Attack of the Carpet" episodes. I think we managed to see the last of those though.

Then back home to more dogs, crap, painting, tub Avyrlie, read her a book, torture Linna, make Triela howl, and then off to deliver Avyrlie to the latest big-girl-sitter (Avyrlie was not keen on the babysitter term).

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