Friday, July 4, 2008


Crufty post for today of random events...

(this pic is actually yesterday taking Ian to the Dr to check for strep. negative...)Avyrlie started the day with watching "Incredibles"

then we headed to the bookstore where Avyrlie found a place to nap

and I found something to read while waiting for her to wake up. I need to prune the cherry tree to let my little organic garden have some more light to hopefully attract less insects and have the seeds start faster.

Next it was off to the Aviary to see the birds. We got a zoo membership this year which includes admission to the Aviary the first Thursday of every month. I don't have a lot of free Thursdays so I didn't want to miss it and it seemed like a pretty relaxing place to push poor sick Avyrlie around in her stroller. Here she is after having leapt out of her stroller to pet the birdies. This is also how we contain her at home...

Avyrlie was very impressed with the owl. For the rest of the visit she was only interested in a bird if it was an owl. The Aviary staff was very helpful in correcting me when I called the Turkey Vulture a cute little owl, and the poor cub scout probably failed to pass off his merit badge because he paid too much attention to a kind father lying to his little daughter about bird species to keep her happy.

These would be the only other actual owls we saw.

I thought she'd be impressed with the eagle even if i didn't call it an owl. Only the little boy next to us was impressed as he took off for his mom after I told Avyrlie the eagle could probably carry her away...

This guy bit my finger when I put it too close to the cage while taking a picture. Avyrlie laughed and alternated chanting 'Do it again!' and 'Are you ok?' while I tried to compose another picture from a safer distance. As we walked away she said, "That funny owl, it bited you!".

After Avyrlie said goodbye to all the ducks (individually) we left and headed home through 4th of July weekend traffic. We got Ian from his friend's house and went to the pet store to see about possibly getting a friend for Triela. While we were there Avyrlie kept saying she wanted a BAGLE. I kept correcting her, saying, "It's BEA-GLE". She, in turn, would then correct me and repeat the demand until Ian and I realized almost simultaneously that Rich's was next door.

Avyrlie had blueberry with cranberry cream cheese and I had a turkey gouda sandwich on sunflower.

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